EN10204 Certification for Steel 15CrMoR HIC steel plate

Pressure vessel steel plate covers a range of steel grades that are designed for use in pressure vessel, boilers, heat exchangers and any other vessel that contains a gas or liquid at high pressures.

Steel applications

Boiler Steel Plate is used for many applications where the pressure inside is significantly higher than atmospheric pressure.More..

EN10204 Certification for Steel 15CrMoR HIC steel plate


BEBON cpompany practice new development concepts, expand in an all-round way, deepen reform and innovation, speed up transformation and upgrading, become stronger, better and bigger, accelerate the implementation of BEBON Steel's 15CrMoR HIC steel plate industrial planning, and realize the revitalization and development of enterprises.Fully implement the corporate 15CrMoR HIC steel plate market dominant position, comprehensively promote contractual management, and promote the transition from "internal production" to "market operation”.

After the steel plate is produced from the original factory, it will pass through a series of transportation and storage links and then be delivered to the processing workshop. During this period of time, the steel plate surface will contact with the air continuously, which will inevitably produce a layer of oxide skin. The oxide skin is a difficulty in the treatment process. It has high melting point, is not easy to burn and dissolve, increases preheating time, reduces cutting speed. Therefore, the surface of the 15CrMoR HIC steel plate plate should be derusted before cutting.

SA516 Gr.60 (HIC) steel plate is mainly used for equipment manufacturing in wet hydrogen sulfide environment, such as: LPG desulfurization system, stable absorption system of catalytic cracking, condensation system of atmospheric and vacuum distillation tower, etc. 15CrMoR HIC steel plate, SA516 Gr.60 (HIC) material has the characteristics of high purity, low P, low S, good uniformity of structure and mechanical properties, hydrogen cracking resistance and sulfide stress corrosion.

The main uses of flat steel are as follows. First, flat steel is used as a raw material for processing steel plates, which is convenient for transportation, takes up a small space, and can save transportation costs. Second, 15CrMoR HIC steel plate flat steel can be used as raw material for processing welded pipes. Flat steel can be a finished steel product, or it can be used as a billet for welded pipes and thin slabs for stacked sheets. Third, flat steel can be directly used as a steel structure. As a finished material, flat steel can be used for making hoop iron, tools and mechanical parts, and used as building frame structure and escalator in construction. Fourth, the flat steel has a smooth surface and a certain degree of beauty.

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