SPV490 steel sheet plate consumption is expected to make a breakthrough this year

Pressure vessel steel plate covers a range of steel grades that are designed for use in pressure vessel, boilers, heat exchangers and any other vessel that contains a gas or liquid at high pressures.

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Boiler Steel Plate is used for many applications where the pressure inside is significantly higher than atmospheric pressure.More..

SPV490 steel sheet plate consumption is expected to make a breakthrough this year


Hydrogen (H) is the most harmful element in general steel such as SPV490 steel sheet plate. Hydrogen dissolved in steel will cause hydrogen embrittlement, white spots and other defects. Hydrogen, like oxygen and nitrogen, has very little solubility in solid steel. It dissolves into liquid steel at high temperature, and accumulates in the structure without time to escape when cooling, forming high-pressure micro pores, which greatly reduce the plasticity, toughness and fatigue strength of steel, and even cause cracks and brittle fracture in severe cases. "Hydrogen embrittlement" mainly occurs in martensitic steel, but not very prominent in ferrite steel, and generally increases with hardness and carbon content.

ASTM A517 is high strength quenched and tempered alloy steel plates used for welding boilers and other pressure vessels. SPV490 steel sheet plate, A517 steel plates are supplied in the following eight categories: A517 GRA, A517 GRB, A517 GRH, A517 GRS, A517 GRP, A517 GRF, A517 GRE, A517 GRQ. All A517 steel plates shall be heat treated: the steel plates shall be heated to not less than 900 degrees, quenched in water or oil, and tempered at not less than 620 degrees.

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