Which mill is good choice for purchasing Q245R HIC plate in China

Pressure vessel steel plate covers a range of steel grades that are designed for use in pressure vessel, boilers, heat exchangers and any other vessel that contains a gas or liquid at high pressures.

Steel applications

Boiler Steel Plate is used for many applications where the pressure inside is significantly higher than atmospheric pressure.More..

Which mill is good choice for purchasing Q245R HIC plate in China


Q245R HIC plate, 15MnNiDR is a kind of steel plate for low temperature pressure vessel, which meets the specification of GB3531.Delivery status of 15MnNiDR: 15MnNiDR shall be delivered by normalizing or normalizing + tempering, with low temperature impact of - 45℃.Chemical composition analysis of 15MnNiDR: C: no more than 0.18, Si: 0.15-0.5, Mn: 1.2-1.6, P: no more than 0.02, S: no more than 0.008, Ni: 0.2-0.6, V: no more than 0.05.

BBN company has steel plates production workshops and warehouses with a total area of more than 500,000 square meters, and the total inventory of various types of steel exceeds 1 million tons. Relying on world-leading processing equipment and storage facilities, the company has strong steel production and processing capabilities, comprehensive logistics and logistics services, ensuring that it can efficiently complete more than 1 million tons of hot rolled plates processing business each year.

Hot rolled Q245R HIC plate products on sale 5*2570*8150, 5*2450*11000, 8*2100*7800, 6*1750*6000, 7*3000*7350, 6*1850*7510, 6*2750*10000, 8*2090*6640, 6*1600*11640, 8*2200*8200, 8*1500*4850, 5.5*2400*8000, 6*2780*6000, 6*2750*8000, 8*2090*7990, 10*2450*8200, 8*1750*7950, 7*3000*7320, 10*2030*6580, 08*2920*7100, 8*2200*10000, 8*2500*10000, 10*2800*6280.

We have a lot of advantages for Q245R HIC plate steel plate processing. First, we have huge steel plate stock. That not only saves material preparation time, but also saves much transportation cost. Second, we have professional technical team, who can design drawing according to client requirements quickly. Or if clients have drawing, we can communicate and make it clear soon. Third, we have built special steel processing center. The professional and experienced work will make you more satisfied and at ease.

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